How to illuminate your face? Only with Bobbi Brown Extra Glow Skincare set



Unfortunately, I am not the lucky girl and I do not have a radiant complexion. Instead, I have pigmentation spots, dark under eye circles and my face looks tired and dull. I have used many products that were designed to restore natural glow and proper colours to my skin. Unfortunately, none of them worked until I have tried out a series of cosmetics from Bobbi Brown called Extra Glow Skincare.

What products were in my set?

Bobbi Brown brand offers a wide range of skin-brightening cosmetics. I have chosen three of them: a face and body balm Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm (30 ml), a lip product  Extra Lip Tint (2,3g) in a light pink shade, and an under eye cream Extra Eye Repair Cream (15 ml). They are designed for all skin types and their main task is to illuminate the complexion, smooth it out and deeply moisturise.

Balsam Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

This cosmetic from Bobby Brown is to provide two main effects: to restore skin’s radiance and moisturise it. Thanks to this product, my face regained nice shade, became soft and elastic. Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm is especially recommended for people with dull skin with visible signs of fatigue and ageing. How to use it? Apply a thin layer to your face and neck; if you want, you can also rub it in your arms. After a minute or two, the product is fully absorbed and the skin is fresh and radiant.

Extra Lip Tint

As it turns out, make-up can also brighten up the skin. This is why I decided to choose a lip tint in a light pink shade called Bare Pink. Bobby Brown offers two more colours: coral-coloured Bare Popsicle and light orange – Bare Melon. The cosmetic provides a long-lasting effect of moisturised and glossy. Thanks to the weightless formula, your lips look bigger and fuller. If you would like to try it out, I can tell you that suits a fresh and light daily look as well as evening, more intense makeup.

Extra Eye Repair Cream

The under eye cream from Bobby Brown helps to nurture the skin around the eyes. It reduces dark circles and puffiness, smoothes fine lines and firms the skin. The cosmetic comprises natural peptides and plant oils that deliver a variety of vitamins, fatty acids and micro elements necessary for proper functioning of the skin.  How to use Extra Eye Repair Cream? Apply a small amount of the product and gently dab it into the eye area (focus on under eye and then go upwards to the upper eyelid and under the arch of your brow).

What is YOUR way to brighten up the skin? Have you ever used skin illuminating products from Bobby Brow?

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