How to Care for Blonde Hair the Right Way?

blonde hair

Hi, girls! Today’s post will be interesting for all blondes. Enjoy reading!

Do you know that blonde hair softens facial features, adds femininity and makes you look younger? That’s why more and more women are going for this hair colour. Sadly, it isn’t enough to be young and beautiful. The right hair care also matters a lot. Check how to wash, brush and blow-dry blonde hair.

How to Wash & Dry Blonde Hair?

Blonde hair – usually dry and thin – can be washed every two or three days. Use a shampoo with natural ingredients that will neither weigh hair down nor make the scalp oily. Applying a moisturising mask or conditioner is a great idea. Remember to rinse the product out with tepid water to close cuticle scales for smoothness. Blow-dry with cool airflow at the distance of 8 inches. Next, use a shine-boosting and smoothing spray hair oil.

How to Condition Blonde Hair?

Moisturising and protecting are most important in blonde hair care. For this purpose, use oils, serums and conditioners. The cosmetics should protect from frizz, static, over-drying, splitting and loss of shine. From time to time, rinse your hair with a herbal mixture to smooth its surface. Trim ends every two months to keep your hairdo in shape.

Which Products to Use?

Pick the ones for colour-treated or fair and blonde hair. At drug stores, you will find lots of cosmetics that will condition your hair. They must include SPF, silicones and moisturising, smoothing and repairing substances. Try out the ones enriched with camomile which brightens strands.

How to Brush & Style Blonde Hair?

Use wide-tooth combs or natural bristle brushes. You mustn’t pull or scrunch your blonde hair. Cut down on flat irons, curling wands and blow-drying. Heat styling dehydrates delicate blonde hair and causes thinning. You can’t wear tight ties either; they weaken hair condition.

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