How to store fragrances? My proven ticks!


Hello girls!

Today I’m going to tell you how I store my fragrances. Since I have a fairly substantial number of phials, I had to organise a special place for all of them. Let me invite you to my fragrance world. Take a deep sniff and continue reading!

If you have a massive collection of perfumes, devote one drawer or buy a special box for them. Develop this habit of putting the phials back into their places. A very good idea is arranging the perfumes in the accordance with similar fragrance notes, events you apply the perfumes to, or the frequency of use.

How to store perfumes? Naturally, do it so as they serve you long. Don’t keep them in a bathroom since the conditions in this room facilitate faster marring. Moist, high temperature and steam water combined together have negative impact on the product’s formula. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t expose the fragrances to the sun and artificial light. For that very reason, keep your phials in a dry, dark spot when the temperature isn’t high. As mentioned above, store them in a chest of drawers or in a cardboard box. If you use mini versions of perfumes, the ones that don’t have any atomisers, do your best to protect the bottles from oxygen and moist access.

Are you planning to visit a perfumery? Beware the testers. They are constantly exposed to the action of artificial light – after all, they have to be beautifully exposed for the customers. Testers also lack caps which allows the oxygen to get inside the phials without difficulties. If you want to learn the real aroma of a particular fragrance, spray them onto your skin, not on the blotters. How to extend the lifespan of perfumes? Apply the cosmetic on the body parts where you can feel the pulse. It’s also a good idea to use fragranced balms and creams. Try to put on petroleum jelly or jojoba oil and then spray perfumes. This will let you enjoy the fragrance longer than usually.

Girls, what are your methods of storing your fragrances?

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