Cosmetic collection by Dr Dennis Gross: C + Collagen for discolorations and wrinkles


It’s believed that vitamin C is the best at removing discolorations whereas collagen is the best at reducing visibility of wrinkles. I decided to check over this information and test a few cosmetics. I chose cosmetic collection by Dr Dennis Gross: C + Collagen.

C + Collagen collection equals beautiful skin

Dr Dennis Gross cosmetic collection consists of: Deep Cream (two capacity sizes), Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum for eye skin area (in normal and travel size) as well as Perfect Skin Set & Refresh Mist. Moreover, this brand has also prepared a special Christmas edition of their cosmetics called Glow Getter (a gift kit). There, we can find the following items: Alpha Beta Daily Peel, Brighten & Firm Serum as well as travel size Deep Cream. All the products are closed in orange packaging.

How do Dr Dennis Gross cosmetics work?

Owning to vitamin C and collagen content, the cosmetics by Dr Dennis Gross remove discolorations and reduce visibility of wrinkles. If applied regularly, they moisturise and smooth skin as well as lighten discolorations up. The substances applied in C + Collagen cosmetics penetrate skin deep supplying them with nourishment and providing reinforcement even to the deepest layers.

What do C + Collagen cosmetics include?

Apart from collagen and vitamin C the cosmetics feature plenty of natural substances. Among them we can find camellias oil, sunflower seed oil and rice proteins. Thanks to these ingredients, skin wins hydration and is protected from excessive water loss. Additionally, these natural substances highlight skin, make it more supple and are responsible for delaying skin ageing processes.

How to apply C + Collagen cosmetics?

Dr Dennis Gross cosmetics can be used morning and evening. They have to be put on clean and dry face, neck and cleavage skin. Use your fingertips to tap the products into your skin and, at the same time, give your face a short massage. Thanks to this, you will stimulate blood circulation, skin will become more supple and the substances included in C + Collagen by Dr Dennis Gross will be absorbed faster to reach the lowest skin layers.

Do you also use cosmetics containing vitamin C and collagen?

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