Herbal vs chemical hair dyes


Hello girls!

Lately into my lap has dropped a herbal dye. Naturally, I immediately decided to test it and compare with regular dyes which I had used before. You know what? The effects of colouring were really amazing! If you would like to learn how herbal hair dyes pass the exam, continue reading my newest entry.

Colour palette of herbal hair dyes

I guess, you probably think that the shades of herbal hair dyes are similar to the colours of flowers growing on meadows. It turns out that the colours are completely different and more interesting than that. Thanks to colouring your hair in this way, you can make the strands red, ginger, brown or black, all of various tones. It’s even possible to lighten the hair up and make the stands blonde. It goes without saying that if you want to colorize your hair in this way, you must learn how to mix herbs at right proportions. Henna, indigo or amla combined with other powdered substances will give you various shades of particular colours. Certainly, you can give a go to the readymade herbal mixtures. I used natural fair bronze and the result was superb!

Do herbal hair dyes condition hair?

Contrary to chemical dyes, herbal colourants take care of hair and the scalp equally. All powdered herbs contain vitamins and microelements. They help in curing various ailments, affect the state of the scalp, smooth and deliver gloss to the strands. Some herbs are able to delay hair greying and stop hair thinning. If you change the colour of your hair using herbal products, you will kill two birds with one stone. You will win a beautiful new colour of hair as well as deliver many nourishing substances to your scalp.

Herbal hair dyes provide long-lasting effects

Indeed, they do! Some vegetable dyes penetrate hair, get to the inner layers and combine with keratin. Thanks to this, the strands remain shiny, healthy and beautiful for really long. Moreover, herbal mixtures used to produce colouring cosmetics are known for closing hair cuticles, at the same time making impossible for the pigment to be washed away. However, the best about this procedure is the fact that colouring hair with herbal dyes can be repeated as many times as you feel like to, even a few days after you notice the roots. Once again, herbs don’t harm hair, but they condition the strands instead.

Are herbal dyes are safe?

Of course, they are! I’ve tested it on myself – my hair is stronger and more beautiful, the scalp wasn’t irritated even once. Besides, herbal hair dyes that are available in shops have to be certified, just like any other product. Certainly, it must be remembered that even natural cosmetics can trigger allergic reactions. Nevertheless, I’m sure that herbal hair dyes won’t ever irritate the scalp as strongly as it is possible for chemical products to do.

And what about you? Have you ever used herbal hair dyes?

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