Bye bye skin imperfections! 8 simple rules of flawless skin


Everyone wishes for having flawless complexion which tone is even, smooth, with no imperfections, enlarged skin pores and blackheads. The worst that you can do in such case is running a cosmetic marathon that depends on testing plenty of different and new face skin care products at the same time. If I were to advise […]

Causes of cold feet? My home remedies for cold feet


Cold feet, sadly not only during the winter, are my life-long problem. It got on top of me even despite wearing warm boots and long socks. Luckily, I managed to find a solution to fight back cold feet once and for all. How did I do this? Before revealing my ways of dealing with cold […]

Which hair serum should you choose? Use, types, action


Hi there! For most women hair care is extremely important. Some use DIY cosmetics with natural ingredients, others prefer high-end brands. Still, no doubt each one of them will use the serum at some point. If you want to try it as well, check how you should use serum, what its action is and which […]

How not to take care of hair? Do not make these mistakes


Hi there! Haircare is not as simple as one may think. Are you the one to believe that shampoo and conditioner are enough? Hell no! If you really care about the beautiful and healthy hair, you should stop making these hair care mistakes. Only then you can move on to consider proper cosmetics and treatments. […]

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