Are you 30? Find out how your skin care routine should look like



Did you know that wrinkles start becoming visible around 30? The first ones are crow’s feet affecting the corners of the eyes, then wrinkles start appearing on forehead and around lips. If you have noticed the first signs of ageing on your face, you should find out how to cope with them. Learn the most effective ways to condition your skin well.

Neck and cleavage skin vs. wrinkles

Many of us forget about taking care of neck and cleavage. Naturally, skin located there also ages and reveals how old we really are. Therefore, it deserves being conditioned as we do this with our face skin. What’s important here, you don’t have to use cosmetics especially designed for these body parts. Just reach for the products you treat your face skin with. Apply a dose of cream, serum or essence to your neck and cleavage. Make-up removal as well as neck and cleavage cleaning should look like face cleansing.

Under eye cream to combat crow’s feet and puffiness

Both our age and improper face care are revealed by our eye skin area. However, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness don’t necessarily have to be a sign of the passing time. The very skin imperfections also appear due to: improper skin care, unhealthy diet, short sleep, frequent alcohol consumption and many, many other similar factors. If you want to remove the signs of ageing or the signs connected with the unhealthy lifestyle you happen to lead, apply a cream of a lightweight formula made from natural substances. Such substances should have soothing, moisturising and lifting properties. Using your fingertips pat the cream to the area where you can feel the eye socket bone.

Remember about make-up removal

Make-up wipes won’t help you. Tap water and soap neither. The only condition that helps you maintain the youthful look is precise make-up removal. To do it, use cosmetics delivering moisturising action and which formula is creamy. Basically, oils, milks and gels are considered as the best products designed for freeing your face skin from colour cosmetics. When it comes to eye make-up removal, you should go for bi-phase lotions which neither irritate delicate eye skin area nor weaken eyelash condition. Pour a dash of the cosmetic onto a cotton pad and press it gently to the skin. After a while, both mascara and eye shadows melt and move from eyelids onto the cotton pad.

Cosmetics featuring retinol

They help you slow down the appearance of skin ageing aftermath and reduce visibility of the already existing ones. Retinol is an ingredient which task is to highlight discolorations, combat fine lines and smooth out skin. Its action can be described as slightly exfoliating and cleaning. If you decide to expose your skin to this kind of treatment, you should remember to apply sunscreens. Retinol displays photosensitive features, which means that when exposed to the sun, it can cause skin irritations.

Make-up for the sake of care

If you like doing make-up, do your best to use such products that condition skin as well. Therefore, reach for mineral cosmetics and refrain from comedogenic products, and these are the cosmetics which clog skin pores and encourage blackheads appearance. Moreover, mineral cosmetics protect skin against sun rays, camouflage skin imperfections really well, soothe irritations and help fighting back acne.

Get enough sleep!

This is the easiest way to preserve beautiful and youthful look. Devote 8 hours to sleep and if possible, try to take short naps during a day. In the morning, right after waking up, drink a glass of still mineral water to hydrate skin better and to help your bowels wake up. When it comes to the sleeping environment, put your duvet and pillows either into silk or Egyptian cotton bedclothes. Don’t use bedding featuring buttons or zips because this is where your hair might get stuck during your sleep. Owing to these ticks, you will stay away from wrinkles and fine lines.

What about you? What are your ways of keeping your skin beautiful and young for long?

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