Galenic collection with argan oil. How do my new cosmetics work?



I love cosmetics featuring natural oils. For that reason, on my dressing table there are products by Galenic that belongs to Argane series; they include my favourite ingredient. How do their perform and what are their features? Go on reading to study up on this.

Argane cosmetic series by Galenic

This cosmetic collection by Galenic is composed of four beauty products. These are: Royal Oil serum, delicate emulsion for normal and combination skin, delicate cream for dry skin and Kokon night cream. As it isn’t hard to guess, all the products contain argan oil which is an ingredient considered as the best one in taking care of hair and skin. It’s rich in vitamins, microelements and fatty acids. The task of the products is to deliver hydration and smooth complexion, protect it from free radicals and nourish strands.

How do Galenic products work and what are their features?

Royal Oil serum has to be applied morning and evening before putting a cream on. Included in the composition argan oil, vitamin E, argan pulp and argan peptides penetrate to the lowest skin layers delivering hydration and substances essential for proper skin functioning. This cosmetic has lightweight formula which helps it get absorbed by skin immediately. Additionally, it will also leave a subtle aroma of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk. Similar features have delicate emulsion for combination and normal skin as well as delicate cream for dry skin. When it comes to the Kokon night cream, it supplies skin with many nourishing substances overnight. Among these precious substances we can find glycerine and wheat proteins.

How do I apply Galenic Argane cosmetics?

The products by Galenic have to be put on dry and cleansed skin. Application should be repeated morning and evening. Thanks to lightweight formula, the creams and serum are easy to apply and penetrate skin fast. The cosmetics are closed in 50 ml jars and 30 ml bottle (it’s the capacity of Royal Serum). Use of this product is facilitated by the pump.

Do you like cosmetics featuring natural oils as I do?

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