What Should High-Quality Creams Include? Do I Pay Attention to Ingredients?


While hunting for a facial cream, I always pay attention to ingredients. They must be ideally matched to my skin type and its needs. I turn away from products containing parabens, mineral oils, alcohols and lots of other damaging substances. What does a good quality cream include?

What does the skin need?

The skin of each of us needs completely different ingredients. It can be moisturising substances, vitamins or advanced lab devised formulas. That’s why you must read the list of ingredients while shopping for beauty products. Nowadays they are enriched with truly unique and sophisticated components e.g. phytohormones, phytosterols, fruit acids, substances destroying free radicals, stem cells and many other… There is a lot to pick over.

Water for Skin

I don’t mean only the water we should drink every day. Water is the base for lots of cosmetics. Sometimes, it is replaced by alcohols or oils that can harm the skin. Thanks to water, creams get the right consistency and can be enriched with other ingredients. Products with thermal or cellular water work the best way – deeply moisturise, brighten, refresh and repair.

Silicones, SLS, Paraffin in Creams

Not all components of creams deliver benefits e.g. SLS – a strongly cleansing substance. They can irritate the skin in the long run. Parabens also arouse lots of controversies. They work as preservatives keeping bacteria from developing. Used in minimal quantities, parabens are safe for the skin. What about silicones? They give superficial effects and protect from external aggressors. On the other hand, they don’t let ingredients of other products inside the skin.

Vitamins, micronutrients…

When a facial cream is composed of vitamins, micronutrients, peptides, amino acids and many other beneficial substances, feel free to call it a rich cream. If you use such cosmetics, be sure your complexion is super conditioned.

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