Turmeric – How to use it in daily care?


This yellow spice came to various parts of the world form India, where it’s mainly used for cooking. However, is it possible to apply turmeric some other way to get astonishing outcomes? I’ll try to prove you today that it’s possible! 🙂

I remember when my mum added turmeric to homemade pasta to gift it with a beautiful, yellow shade. This spice is definitely way more popular as a food additive than a care substance although the list of its beautifying features is impressive. We probably don’t know many of the magic tricks turmeric does, however, quite many of them have been discovered recently.

See for yourself how many benefits can deliver the use of turmeric when added to homemade cosmetics. Here are my proven turmeric beauty tricks!


1. Turmeric for teeth

Would you believe if I told you that this spice of such an intensive yellow colour is able to whiten teeth? OK, I was also sceptic until I gave it a go. It turns out that it’s enough to combine 1 teaspoon of turmeric with 1 spoon of a natural oil (I suggest using non-refined coconut oil which is simply tasty) and brush your teeth with such a mixture. Owning to the two-week regular use, teeth become definitely more white.

2. Turmeric for acne

This described by me spice is also a precious substance of antiseptic features which makes it a perfect substance to deal with inflammations. Therefore, a face mask made form turmeric, natural yoghurt, olive oil and honey applied to face enables to limit acne development. As a consequence, skin will become cleaner and less irritated. What’s more, turmeric regulates work of sebaceous glands. As you can see, this is the perfect face mask for acne skin.

3. Turmeric for hair growth

It wasn’t that long ago when I learnt that turmeric accelerates hair growth because it stimulates blood circulation of scalp and acts as a hair bulb activator. What’s the recipe? Turmeric hair mask is a quarter of a glass (~60 ml) of olive oil mixed with 1 spoon of the yellow spice. When the mixture is ready, rub it into your scalp and wait approximately a half of an hour. Rinse the turmeric hair mask and wash your hair as regular.

4. Turmeric for scalds

When I first heard about this method I was like ‘Nice… Somebody has great ideas, for real.’ However, it turns out that the anti-inflammatory action that turmeric delivers makes it a great substance to help with healing up, for example, sunburns. Usually, I combine a half of a teaspoon of turmeric with the same amount of powdered ginger and just a few dashes of water. I apply this pulp to the sunburn/scald once a day. Thanks to this, everything is healing up in the nick of time and, what is best about this, doesn’t leave any marks nor scars on the body.

5. Turmeric for wrinkles

It also turns out that this spice should be introduced to the mature woman care kit. The homemade turmeric cream is perfect at dealing with wrinkles and pre-mature signs of ageing. How to prepare such a miraculous product? Mix turmeric, honey and a few dashes of milk until you obtain a creamy consistency. Of course, apply it to the face and neck up to two times per day. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Do you know any other applications of turmeric?

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