Vampire Face Lift – Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedure


Hello, beauties, you often ask me questions about the aesthetic medicine. The vampire face lift seems to be the most popular. I guess it’s because of Kim Kardashian. After she posted her photos with the swollen face covered in blood, I’m sure the number of vampire facials done in the US started increasing at a scary speed (as scary as the name). Even though the name may suggest some evil, oculist rituals, the treatment isn’t so bad (not worse than other professional procedures). Believe me, no animal (e.g. a vampire) has ever suffered due to this bloody treatment 😀 You are the only ‘victims’ but after learning the secrets of the procedure I think you won’t complain about such an ‘exploitation’ 🙂 Enjoy reading!

Vampire Face Lift – what is it?

It’s a professional skin repair treatment that strongly rejuvenates, regenerates and eliminates wrinkles (fills them in). It involves injecting your platelet-rich plasma into the skin. This is where the procedure’s name –‘vampire’ – comes from; your own plasma is injected. The vampire face lift is an alternative for those of you who say no to botox and scalpel (plastic surgeries). The ‘bloody’ treatment can be summed up as removing wrinkles without the scalpel interference. The non-surgical precedent involves injecting the client her own blood, to be more precise – the only, valuable, wrinkle-filling something. The platelet-rich plasma is this elixir of youthfulness.

Platelet-rich plasma – what is it?

PRP is a blood-derived substance. It’s directly extracted from the client’s blood. It abounds in healthy cells and peptides (growth factors) that enthusiastically stimulate other cells to work (divide). Peptides are extremely important for the biological skin renewal. In other words – NOTHING regenerates as effectively, quickly and perfectly as the platelet-rich plasma and peptides. Because they are extracted from our body – there’s no risk of allergic reactions or ‘pathological’ effects on the skin or cells. The cells receive something that the body knows very well.

Vampire face lift – which problems does it solve?

The face lift prevents skin aging and smoothes wrinkles yet it has more benefits. It treats flabby skin, heals post-acne scars and other blemishes, hinders hair loss and holds back thinning. The vampire facial reduces lines, boosts skin density, heals wounds, strengthens collagen fibers and enhances skin tone.

How much is the vampire face lift?

Girls, I’ve dug the Internet up for you and even made a few phone calls 🙂 The price range is very wide. The procedure costs $1,500-$2,500. It lasts about sixty minutes. The price depends on the city, the salon’s opinion and its experience in performing the treatment. I think I would choose a renowned salon if I decided on the vampire facial.

Vampire face lift – who is it for? What’s the best age to go for the procedure?

The vampire facial is mostly aimed at mature people who are bothered by the first signs of skin aging. It’s a fun fact, though, that the treatment has helped lots of teenagers who wanted to do away with post-acne scars. Lots of young girls say the procedure has let them feel beautiful and good about their looks again. So who can do the vampire face lift? To be honest – not everyone. Despite all benefits, it’s a skin interference. It’s worth choosing when you struggle with serious skin problems or… passing youth 🙂 You shouldn’t take the decision on impulse. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the vampire facial ensures high tolerance among allergy sufferers who are allergic to wrinkle fillers.

Vampire face lift – contraindications

Similarly to other procedures, this one has some contraindications, too. These include:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • blood diseases
  • cancer
  • autoimmune diseases

Vampire face lift – step by step

The doctor takes your blood and isolates the platelet-rich plasma, using a special gel. I must calm you down – the amount of the blood is small (about 8 ml). Calcium chloride is added to the plasma for activating the blood dust (for creating the cytokines). The obtained substance is injected into the skin like in case of mesotherapy.

Is any of you going to get the vampire face lift? Maybe you have some experience in the topic? You must share it in the comment 🙂

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