How I Cleanse My Facial Skin – Tried & Tested Methods


Blackheads, comedones, pimples… one of many blemishes bothering lots of women. Luckily, there is an easy way for getting rid of them and enjoying a pretty, healthy and radiant skin. Let me reveal my facial skin cleansing methods. Enjoy reading!


These are vitamin A derivatives. Retinoids speed up the epidermis exfoliation, brighten pigmentation spots and repair the skin. Moreover, they purify skin pores, boost collagen production and make wrinkles less visible. You must be careful while using retinoids, though. If you apply too much, they can irritate the skin and lead to a very intensive flaking of the epidermis. They are recommended for the acne-prone and mature skin.


They also help kill off blackheads. Active charcoal or black clay masks are most popular. You can apply them topically or to the whole face skin. So-called peel-off strips are effective as well, removing impurities from the skin surface. Before applying a mask, do a scrub or a herbal steam facial. In this way, skin pores will open and the effects will be much better.


Deep cleansing facials at a beauty parlor deliver spectacular results. An aesthetician uses professional products and care methods. Thanks to them, you will get rid of blemishes once and for all. Repeat the treatments every two or three months. Remember to ask the aesthetician to apply a moisturising or soothing mask after the treatment.


It exfoliates the skin, controls sebum secretion, helps tackle acne and keeps blackheads away. Salicylic acid works for all skin types. It is fully safe and extremely effective. Interestingly, the acid is included in some face cleansing products. Use it at least twice a week for superb results.

What Are Your Ways For Keeping Skin Clean & Smooth?

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