Mediqskin Plus for acne. Is it the best skin care cosmetic?


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I guess, I found one of the best cosmetics designed for acne skin. It’s Mediqskin Plus, a topical gel that combats skin imperfections including fine lines. Who would find this product effective, what’s its action and what does it contain? You’re going to find the answers in my entry. I warmly invite you to read it.

Mediqskin Plus – What’s that?

This topical gel is recommended to treat acne skin. It can be used by people above 14. Why? Because the cosmetic delivers additional action in the form of combating wrinkles. This product is available either at pharmacies’ or on the Internet; it’s really hard to find it in regular drugstores or any other shops selling cosmetics. Mediqskin Plus is a dermocosmetic, and to be more precise – it’s a medical device made from substances that work really strong.

What does Mediqskin Plus contain?

The cosmetic features medical substances that deliver very strong action. These are retinoic acid, clindamycin as well as other supplementary ingredients. I bet, you associate the first substance I enumerated with vitamin A or retinol. However, in this particular product, retinoic acid is a 100% active substance which may cause irritations if applied in a wrong way. Similarly to glycolic acid, it delivers exfoliating, cleansing and smoothing action. The second substance, clindamycin, is an antibiotic which helps skin preserve its bacterial flora and significantly contributes to curing acne.

How to apply Mediqskin Plus?

If you decide to apply Mediqskin Plus, you have to follow the instructions I’m going to give. Of course, directions for use can be found on the leaflets the product goes with. First of all, throughout the course of the treatment, you should reduce the number of cosmetics and limit face care that you are used to applying. It’s also crucial to resign from using all exfoliating products. If applied with Mediqskin Plus, they can cause irritations. In this situation, the best solution would be using delicate oils and make-up removing mousses. Secondly, remember that this product has to be applied 20 minutes after make-up removal when a face is completely dry. If you happen to put Mediqskin Plus on wet skin, it may intensify the feeling of tight skin – this is how glycolic acid combined with water works. Thirdly, Mediqskin Plus has to be applied to the lesions only. Once you do this, you mustn’t use any other products, even those which action is described as gentle. What’s worth mentioning, for a few minutes since putting on the product, you might experience stinging sensation. This is a completely normal reaction to the cosmetic; this means that Mediqskin Plus has started acting. Moreover, this dermocosmetic is designed to be used at night. In the morning, you have to rinse the residues off as well as apply a moisturiser and a sunscreen SPF 30. What’s important to realize, this products isn’t suitable to be applied in the morning or be worn under make-up – during the treatment, you may notice dry skin patches.

Interested? If, you are, I think it’s worth giving a go to Mediqskin Plus. Remember though to follow the directions for use.

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