Magneto is embarrassed. Magnetic face mask by Dr. Brandt, Magnetight Age-Defier



Today you’re going to read about an outstanding cosmetic which combines a little bit of physics and cosmetology. This is a face mask Magnetight Age-Defier launched by Dr. Brandt. Why is it so exceptional and how does it work? Soon you’ll find out. One is for certain: this face mask embarrassed Magneto.

What’s so unusual about Magnetight Age-Defier?

Dr. Brandt face mask contains iron filings and tourmaline particles, which is a mineral of electrostatic features. These very ingredients do two things. Firstly, they remove toxins residing on skin’s surface and, secondly, they are responsible for restoring suppleness to dermis. However, there’s one question left: ‘How is it possible?’ The packaging of Magnetight Age-Defier features a triangular magnet which… removes the cosmetic. All you have to do is wrap the item with a tissue and then bring it near the face. You will see then, how iron filings and tourmaline particles are attracted by the magnet so as are all the impurities that have gathered on face.

What are the effects produced by this magnetic face mask?

Magnetight Age-Defier by Dr. Brandt smooths wrinkles, removes excess of sebum and impurities that remain in skin pores, firms, adds shine to fatigued skin and combats free radicals. Owning to its creamy formula, the cosmetic is easy to distribute all over the face. All skin types tolerate the product well. Moreover, the face mask doesn’t contain any fragranced ingredients, which is why, Magnetight Age-Defier can be used even people having super sensitive skin.

How to apply Dr. Brandt face mask?

Remove make-up, cleanse skin and dry it. Magnetight Age-Defier is a dry face mask therefore you won’t need water to remove it from face. Basically, water may even impede the application. Once your face is dry, take the spatula attached to the packaging and start putting a thin layer of the cosmetic on your face. Next, wait more or less 10 minutes before removing the face mask with the aid of the triangular magnet. The residues of the cosmetic can be wiped off using either a tissue or a cotton pad. Magnetight Age-Defier by Dr. Brandt is available in drugstores and can be bought in two capacity versions: 20 g and 90 g.

Will you give a go to Magnetight Age-Defier by Dr. Brandt?

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