How to Care for Blonde Hair the Right Way?

blonde hair

Hi, girls! Today’s post will be interesting for all blondes. Enjoy reading! Do you know that blonde hair softens facial features, adds femininity and makes you look younger? That’s why more and more women are going for this hair colour. Sadly, it isn’t enough to be young and beautiful. The right hair care also matters […]

I’m In, Are You? Why Go For Natural Beauty Products?


Hi, there! I’ll try to convince you that natural beauty products are best for our skin. They protect and nourish. They are safe for the environment and extremely effective. Learn my arguments for natural skin care. Natural cosmetics are the best because… … they protect the skin. Only natural products can fully protect your skin […]

Me & My Friend Test Nanolash – Review

beautiful eyelashes with Nanolash

Hi, girls! This post has appeared thanks to my friend – Joanne. She talked me into buying Nanolash – a well-known eyelash and eyebrow serum recommended by bloggers. Joanne had gone through a very serious and long disease that has hugely weakened her body – a long-term antibiotic treatment. Consequently, her hair became dull whereas […]

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