Treat yourself to a home SPA. Try out a set from Indigo Nails Home SPA



When you hear the name Indigo Nails, probably the first thing that comes to your mind are nail polishes. And you are right. However, the brand has expanded their offer and released SPA kits. They consist of a few products necessary for hand and nail care. How do they work? Are they worth the hassle? Keep on reading to find out. 

SPA set from Indigo Nails

Indigo Nails has a nice treat for all the SPA lovers as well as nail polish fans. The brand has introduced a few sets of cosmetics for your at home SPA day. In each of the kit, you will find: a body lotion or a hand cream, Shea butter, cuticle olive and cream and lotion samples. You can choose from 6 sets, each of which has an amazing scent. In Pop Sugar, you will notice notes of iris, jasmine and orange flower. Arome 99 combines the aroma of fresh oranges with nectarines, mango and sandalwood. The smell of pink pepper, lychee and Tonka bean can be found in Femme Fatale. Love Story smells like coffee, vanilla and pink pepper. Raspberry Love will enchant you with the aroma of raspberries, while Seventh Heaven is a flowery composition with a hint of mandarin, rose and white flowers.

What are the properties of Indigo Nails SPA sets?

Apart from the stunning fragrance that lasts long on the skin, the cosmetics provide amazing effects. Your skin becomes moisturised, smooth and nourished. The products will take a great care of your body, hand and nails. Shea butter provides protection: it prevents dehydration and damage to the epidermis, smoothes and firms the skin. The cuticle olive will moisturise and nourish the nails and help to push back the cuticles.

How to use Indigo Nails Home SPA?

First of all, in my opinion, the best way is to purchase the set that matches the fragrance of your perfumes you use on a daily basis. Once you have that covered, it is time to try out the products. When it comes to the body lotion or hand cream: you can use the cream every day, especially before going outside in the winter, and the lotion after every shower or bath. Use Shea butter on extreme occasions: if your skin is irritated, dry, lacks proper nutrients. Cuticle oil will be handy after doing your manicure. The cosmetic will moisturise and soften the skin.

Have you ever tried Indigo Nails Home SPA? Do you have your favourite fragrance? What do you think of the brand? Tell me about your must-haves in nail and hand care!

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