Dead Sea Minerals cosmetics. Natural sponge infused with cleansing cream Alma K



I don’t know why but I’m partial to natural cosmetics, including washcloths, sponges, make-up brushes and other similar items. Recently, Alma K has become my new beloved brand. Why? Because, I’ve found a marvellous Eco-friendly Foaming Sponge to wash my body with in this brand’s offer. Why is it so good?

Sponge different than the others

Amla K Eco-friendly Foaming Sponge is a natural washer infused with skin cleansing cream. The most precious substances of this item are Dead Sea Minerals as well as a few oils. For example, we can find here sweet almond oil or grape seed oil. This composition provides skin with nourishment, moisturisation, regeneration and protection against harmful external factors. This natural sponge with washing cream by Alma K, due to its uneven texture, precisely removes impurities, sebum and dust form skin’s surface. Additionally, it exfoliates dead epidermis cells and massages body by boosting blood flow and improveing skin firmness.

How to use Alma K sponge?

The sponge has to be made damp with warm water and then delicately squeezed. Among their fibres you’re going to notice lather and sense soapy (but very pleasant and fresh) fragrance. Keep massaging your body using Eco-friendly Foaming Sponge starting from legs and arms and ending with trunk. Thanks to this, you are going to boost blood flow and your skin will gain pretty pinkish shade. It’s very important to cleanse the sponge after using it and let it dry out its own. What’s worth mentioning, Eco-friendly Foaming Sponge goes with a self-adhesive hanger so you can use it to help the item dry faster. The sponge should hang somewhere in a dry and airy place.

Other cosmetics by Amla K

Amla K also offers plenty of other cosmetics featuring Dead Sea Minerals. These are cleansing, conditioning and exfoliating products. You can choose among balms, creams, shower gels, liquid soaps and scrubs. Moreover, Amla K has also nourishing body butter, Dead Sea mud and bath salt, which I find as a perfect kit enriching your home SPA.

Have you ever used cosmetics by Amla K?

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