How I Cleanse My Facial Skin – Tried & Tested Methods


Blackheads, comedones, pimples… one of many blemishes bothering lots of women. Luckily, there is an easy way for getting rid of them and enjoying a pretty, healthy and radiant skin. Let me reveal my facial skin cleansing methods. Enjoy reading! RETINOIDS These are vitamin A derivatives. Retinoids speed up the epidermis exfoliation, brighten pigmentation spots […]

Turmeric – How to use it in daily care?


This yellow spice came to various parts of the world form India, where it’s mainly used for cooking. However, is it possible to apply turmeric some other way to get astonishing outcomes? I’ll try to prove you today that it’s possible! 🙂 I remember when my mum added turmeric to homemade pasta to gift it […]

How to store fragrances? My proven ticks!


Hello girls! Today I’m going to tell you how I store my fragrances. Since I have a fairly substantial number of phials, I had to organise a special place for all of them. Let me invite you to my fragrance world. Take a deep sniff and continue reading! If you have a massive collection of […]

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