Which hair serum should you choose? Use, types, action


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For most women hair care is extremely important. Some use DIY cosmetics with natural ingredients, others prefer high-end brands. Still, no doubt each one of them will use the serum at some point. If you want to try it as well, check how you should use serum, what its action is and which type of serum will be best for you.

What is a hair serum?

The serum is a cosmetic recommended for hair ends. Most cosmetics of this type contain silicones. How does hair serum work? I use it to:

  • protect hair ends against the split,
  • protect hair against heat and the sun,
  • smooth out and ensure gloss,
  • facilitate combing.

Good hair serum shouldn’t consist of alcohol, protein (if your hair has it too much already), silicones (if you have curly hair).

Did you know there are a few types of serum? We can differentiate the following types of hair serum: silicone-free, silicone, oil, cream, butter.

Hair serum and PEH balance

If you use hair serum, you should know how to do it along with PEH. Plant proteins are antistatic, smoother and protect against heat and the sun. When used along with the serum, it can lead to protein excess in hair. Emollients smoother and protect hair against external factors but can also be heavy on the strands. On the other hand, humectants are antistatic but can also cause frizz.

How to use the serum on hair?

The serum can be used in two ways. First involves application of cosmetic on prewashed hair or on dry hair. The second method is a two steps protection. You have to first apply oil, then a serum.

If you have smooth, glossy and protected against external factors hair, it means that serum works. Otherwise, hair would be oily, heavy and frizzy. You should also remember that serum does not cause hair loss. However, if you observed increased hair loss, it means that the organism has an allergic reaction to some component in the product.

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