Bye bye skin imperfections! 8 simple rules of flawless skin


Everyone wishes for having flawless complexion which tone is even, smooth, with no imperfections, enlarged skin pores and blackheads. The worst that you can do in such case is running a cosmetic marathon that depends on testing plenty of different and new face skin care products at the same time. If I were to advise you: start following a few simple rules that will help your complexion restore its good health and stunning looks. Here are my 8 rules of face care.


1. Thorough makeup removal

The cardinal mistake is made right at the very start: it’s the improper makeup removal. We frequently break it down really fast and don’t care if there are any cosmetic, sebum and toxin residues still on our skin surface. And this significantly impedes normal skin functioning. You should keep wiping your face with micellar lotion until the cotton pad is clean. Heh, I’ve got a revelation for you. Ready? Dermatologists claim that one complete makeup removal requires using even 10 cotton pads. In my opinion, one of the best ways to free face skin from impurities is ensured by OCM – obviously, if you use high quality natural oils. This type of natural substances are incredibly good at dealing with oily cosmetics and excess of sebum. Also, natural oils are perfect skin conditioners.

2. Sleep as… a cosmetic?

While we sleep, our entire organism regenerates – including skin. Night makes the perfect time for skin cells to work at their own pace, easily and without any disturbance. Finally, skin cells have enough time to fix themselves. Therefore, the less sleep organism receives, the worse night skin self-renewal processes is. Now you know why your skin doesn’t look good in the morning. Perhaps you’ve slept too little. Next time try to let your body sleep for 7 hours straight. You’ll see the difference in the look of your skin, trust me.

3. Mineral water in the beauty industry

Water is life, you know that. Drinking mineral water, which in other words stands for replenishing body with water from the inside, is one of the best things you may possibly do to your skin. Water supplies body with energy, moisturizes, improves skin suppleness and transports nutrients and minerals to skin cells. When the amount of water is insufficient, skin starts getting dehydrated, flabby and ages faster. Even the active substances that a face cream offers won’t create the effects you look for achieving, and this applies mainly to hyaluronic acid. Therefore, resign from fizzy drinks and go for mineral water instead.

4. The incredible power of face toner

In recent years face toner has been gradually put out to pasture. I guess women are wrongly convinced that micellar lotion is all they need to remove makeup with. Well, this is just partly true because, indeed, micellar lotion is good at taking colour cosmetics off but it isn’t able to leave skin tonified. You have to follow with a face toner! Thanks to this your face skin’s pH level will be balanced and this translates into soothed, relaxed and radiant face skin.

5. Natural oils in skin care

Yes, natural oils are my beloved skin care products. I always have a few of them on my shelf – runny oils and thick butters. These are highly regenerating natural substances that are able to nourish and rejuvenate skin. Also, they protect face against free radicals, UV rays, toxins and urban pollution.

What’s important to add, if you want to make use of natural oils, please make sure that the products you apply to skin are certified and cold-pressed. Only then can you be sure that you supply the skin with vitamins, phytosterols, flavonoides, omega fatty acids, minerals, carotens and squalene (the latter balances sebum production). They work wonders and are truly universal. You can use them to condition skin, nails, face and hair.

6. Face likes exercising! Facial yoga

Facial yoga is my way to preserve the youthful look of skin. The best thing about facial yoga is that, it’s… completely free! You don’t have to pay literally anything to enjoy the benefits it offers. There are plenty of video tutorials and manuals on the Internet so basically you have no excuses but exercise your face.

I try to do facial yoga every day, so I keep massaging my face for a few minutes. I noticed that my skin is more supple and wrinkles… what wrinkles?

7. Smile is the most beautiful jewelry you can wear 🙂

Do you even realize how much your face changes when you smile? It’s your happy face that helps you conquer the world and, what’s even more important, lets you live longer! From the scientific standpoint, frequent smiling encourages our body to produce the happy hormone which reduces the stress hormone levels. Yes, smile is the elixir of youth!

8. Ice Land Wonders: massage with ice tea cubes

Cool yourself down and follow my advice: massage your face with ice cubes a few times a week. This is one of the most effective ways to improve look of skin and its suppleness. Of course, I don’t use regular ice cubes since I boost them with herbal infusions – they tonify my face and take care of skin. What are the effects of ice cube face massage? Well, puffiness is reduced, skin pores closed, sebum balanced, discolorations less visible, dark circles removed.

I guess that’s pretty all. These are 8 simple and really cheap rules to enjoy having youthful, conditioned and beautiful face skin. Do you like them?

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