How not to take care of hair? Do not make these mistakes


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Haircare is not as simple as one may think. Are you the one to believe that shampoo and conditioner are enough? Hell no! If you really care about the beautiful and healthy hair, you should stop making these hair care mistakes. Only then you can move on to consider proper cosmetics and treatments.

This is not how you wash your hair

The correct hair wash is the most important when it comes to hair care. If you wash your hair too little or too much, you may expect hair condition worsening in the near future. The same goes for the scalp and as you probably know – disturbed scalp equals weak hair. What is more, if you are not careful and gentle while washing your hair, you can be subjected to increased hair loss. Another important matter is to thoroughly rinse the hair and scalp. It is best to do it with cool water that can close the hair cuticles, provide smoother and gloss.

Incorrect cosmetics

This is yet another mistake made by lots of women. You need to keep in mind to always use cosmetics matching your hair and scalp type and needs. Choose among natural, gentle or pharmaceutical products. As much as its possible, avoid deeply cleansing cosmetics in which aggressive action and detergent in the composition may have a terrible impact on the hair.

No conditioner on the scalp, please

The hair conditioner is only for the hair. It is applied from about the half hair length or to the hair ends only. You should never use it directly to the scalp or hair roots for that matter. This cosmetic can clog pores and contribute to increased sebum secretion. Besides, it is extremely difficult to wash it down from this area.

Be gentle to your hair

You shouldn’t pull it or rub it harshly during the wash. If you treat your hair like that, soon it will start to fall out. Remember to never comb wet hair because it can also lead to damages.

Why so many cosmetics?

Enough is enough. It applies well to hair care. If you use way too many cosmetics for hair, you can be sure that it will have its impact on hair and scalp. Cosmetics for hair stylization contain harmful substances causing dryness and dullness. What is more, when incorrectly washed down from the scalp and hair may cause serious damage.

Eating badly

It is said that you are what you eat. Hence, if you live by just junk food, your hair does not get the proper nutrients. On the contrary, hair gets only artificial substances, preservatives, harmful fats and carbs.

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