Causes of cold feet? My home remedies for cold feet


Cold feet, sadly not only during the winter, are my life-long problem. It got on top of me even despite wearing warm boots and long socks. Luckily, I managed to find a solution to fight back cold feet once and for all. How did I do this? Before revealing my ways of dealing with cold feet, let me briefly explain you what causes such nasty condition.

Build and personality vs cold feet

Cold feet is a domain of slim and tall people because keeping their intestinal organs warm is carried out at the cost of peripheral lymphoid organs. What might be surprising, hyper-affective people might sense excessive cold because their body produces too many catecholamines (including adrenaline that some people call the fight-or-flight hormone as well as dopamine – the happy hormone) that cause contraction of blood vessels, which our body recognizes as cold.

Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity vs cold feet

The sensation of constantly cold feet is also caused by sedentary lifestyle, working in front of a screen and lack of physical activity. All of these slow down blood circulation which may lead to serious cardiovascular disorders.

Cigarette smoking vs cold feet

Even cigarette smoking disturbs blood circulation. Smokers are more sensitive to cold and are more exposed to frostbite.

Tight, constricting socks vs cold feet

Tight socks that impede free blood flow and supplying limbs with oxygen may cause cold feet.

My ways of dealing with cold feet

When I leave my home to confront frost, I put on boots with thick soles that prevent cold from penetrating the material and are waterproof. At home I wear socks and slippers (I highly recommend you socks made of high quality wool). Additionally, I’m a freak when it comes to foot warmers, hot-water-bags as well as electric blankets. If you have a possibility, try to get a blanket with massage function – this will additionally boost your blood flow.

Cold feet massage

Massage always warms up my feet. I do it using special massage rolls that boost my blood flow. Such accessories can be bought in a pharmacy and sometimes in a regular drug store. I try to massage my foot at bedtime.

Foot brushing for cold feet

To brush my feet I need either a natural-bristle brush or a sisal glove. I do the massage during bathing because warmed up skin is less prone to irritations. Dry foot brushing might cause pain and irritations. My home beauty treatment starts with massaging the dorsal side and then I move slowly to the soles of my feet.

Warming foot bath

A warming foot bath doesn’t only increase the temperature of your legs but also helps them relax. To prepare it, I add a few drops of oil having warming properties, and these oils are extracted from: ginger, cinnamon, sage, clove, orange, rosemary and pine.

Hot-and-cold bath for cold feet

This is another simple way to get rid of cold feet. Prepare two basins to fill one with really warm and the other with cool water. I put my feet into cool and then warm water. You shouldn’t let your feet remain in either basin longer than for five minutes.

Foot warming up mixture

I combine two spoons of grape seed oil or olive oil and two spoons of rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil. Then I warm up the mixture. When warm, but not hot, I rub it into my feet – vigorously to stimulate blood flow. Then I put on warm socks and that’s all.

What are your methods of dealing with cool feet?

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