How I’ve Cured Acne? Skin Care, Diet & Products


Hi, girls!

Finally, my skin is smooth, healthy, beautiful and free from even tiniest pimples. How did I make it? I’ll write about all methods I used for fighting acne. You might want to make use of my experience. Enjoy!

How to Deal with Acne-Prone Skin?

Most of all, be gentle. Acne-prone skin hates scrubbing, rubbing, popping. That’s why I was careful while washing my face and applying products. In this way I avoided irritations. Gentle acne skin care means something more, though. Not using SLS cosmetics matters. SLS can irritate and dehydrate the skin and consequently intensify acne. Search for moisturising and soothing ingredients in products.

Acne-Prone Skin Care

Moisturising, cleansing and fighting bacteria (responsible for acne) are extremely important in acne-prone skin care. You ask ‘why moisturise skin that is oily’. Thanks to moisturizers, I managed to balance sebum secretion. As a result, I faced fewer acne breakouts. I also made sure my skin was clean and toned. I used an alcohol-free toner with anti-bacterial properties every day. Every three days, I gently exfoliated the skin for quicker repair. I didn’t use enzymatic scrubs because they clog my skin. I always had a concealer with tea tree oil on me. It perfectly soothed irritations and dried pimples. I didn’t use sun protection. Surprisingly, I took sunbathes more often. Even my dermatologist advised on a sunbed but I chose the sunlight.

Diet, Beautician and Dermatologist

I completely changed my diet, gave up on fast food, fizzy drinks, alcohol, milk and processed food. I ate fruit and vegetables with every meal and drank a lot of still water every day. I do my best to enrich diet with vitamins A, B, D and PP, zinc and iodine. Thanks to such changes, I lost a few pounds. I like my new image so much I decided to start exercising. Know what? Physical exercise also helps handle acne!

When acne eased off, I started visiting a beauty salon for scrubs, cleansing with acids and moisturising masks. I’ve never tried manual face cleansing because I think it intensifies acne. Regular dermatologist’s appointments are the most important. The doctor prescribes proper medication and effective treatment.

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