How to Make Natural Makeup Removers?


Do you know why makeup removal is important? Taking cosmetics off and removing sebum let your skin repair; it absorbs cream nutrients easily and isn’t exposed to acne breakouts or irritations. If you want your skin to be like this, use homemade makeup removers. Read on to find a few easy recipes.

Makeup Removing Products

There are lots of natural substances that will remove makeup and free your skin from sebum and dead skin cells. Oils, aloe gel, honey and rose water-based gel are the most popular ones.

  • Oils are great for oily and combination skin care. The rule – oils wash oils (sebum and greasy cosmetics) off – works. Moreover, oils have amazing moisturising, nourishing and regenerating qualities. How to make an oil-based makeup remover? The best choice for oily skin – mix castor oil or hazelnut oil with olive oil or sunflower oil (proportion 1:2). If your skin is combination, use larger proportions – 1:3. The same oils – in smaller quantities – will effectively cleanse dry skin.
    Apart from purifying, aloe gel moisturises and soothes. It is recommended for all skin types, except for oily and combination type. Mix honey with aloe juice in a small dish. Use it for removing makeup, sebum, sweat and dead skin cells every evening.
  • Purifying skin with honey also ensures fantastic effects. The golden product has healing, antiseptic and cleansing power. It contains lots of vitamins, micro-nutrients, natural antioxidants and compounds that smooth wrinkles and brighten discolored skin. How to remove makeup with honey? Use it for massage and next – leave it in the skin as a mask. After about 10 minutes, wash face with warm water, dry it off and apply a moisturiser.
  • Rose water-based makeup removing gel works for dull, mature and fatigued skin. You need a cup of rose water, ¼ cup of aloe gel, 2 teaspoons of glycerol, a spoon of natural moisturising soap, a few drops of rose absolute. Mix the ingredients well and pour into a clean bottle. Ready-to-use!

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