How I managed to grow healthy and strong fingernails? My proven method


Hello Girls,

Today you’re going to find out my way to take care of nails. You’ll learn how I help them grow long, how I apply manicure, and what I do to make them stay healthy and strong. All you need to do is supply both your fingertips with the right substances and yourself with the patience.

Fingernail strengthening conditioners | DIY |

Let’s start from the recipe for the fingernail strengthening mixture that also takes care of the cuticles. Prepare the following ingredients: a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of olive oil, and juice squeezed from a half of a lemon. Put the ingredients into a bowl of water and mix them precisely. Put your fingernails into this mixture and keep them there for approximately 15 minutes. It took me just two weeks to grow my nails long and beautiful. Also, remember to make your nails ready before the procedure – file them down. Of course, you have to remove a nail polish and all conditioners form the nail plates.

My second favourite mixture is vitamin E combined with a teaspoon of olive oil. You can get the vitamin from an e-shop selling semi-finished products or just get it by breaking tablets bought in a pharmacy. The ingredients have to be mixed thoroughly so you can rub them into the fingernails and cuticles. Basically, you can also put your nails into the very mixture and keep them there for a while. What’s also important to realize, olive oil combined with vitamin E will also serve good as an overnight treatment. If you are persistent enough to apply the mixture for two weeks, you’ll grow long, strong and beautiful nails, surely.

My manicure

It’s easier to paint fingernails if they are healthy. How does my manicure look like? Firstly, I use a wooden stick to push back my cuticles – I’m against cutting them out because of the high risk of irritations and infection. If I encounter a problem with this task, I moisturise the cuticles using a special preparation. Usually, I use a regular hand cream, however, I also like to take advantage of So Smooth by Dr Irena Eris preparation. It contains oils (almond, peach and avocado) as well as vitamins (A, E, C).

When cuticles are finally invisible, it’s time to file the nails down. I use only glass filers that aren’t responsible for breaking or splitting finger plates. I do like almond-shaped nails, but I also find the round ones and semi-round appealing. Once my fingernails are shaped, I polish them and prepare for coating with a nail polish. I use a vitamin base coat by Semilac. Then, I apply two coats of a nail polish, either by Inglot or Sally Hansen, and I make each of the coat hard under a UV lamp. Finally, I fix the manicure with a top coat by Maybelline. And that’s all!

Do you have any methods of strengthening fingernails? What are your favourite nail polishes?

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