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If you’ve read the title and decided to stay on this page, this means that – just like me – you struggle with the problem of greasy hair. If you look for a method for combating this inconvenience – you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to help you deal with your strands and scalp. After a few long months of search I discovered a few products which are really worth recommending. Here you will find not only home methods to combat greasy hair, but also the best cosmetics which I can, with my clean conscience, suggest you to try out. After all, they serve my hair really well.

Why greasing is hazardous for hair?

You probably know that this process of making hair grease has its core in scalp. This is the very place where sebaceous gland is located, and it’s responsible for producing sebum. Of course, it works this way to protect hair against excessive drying out, damages and porosity increase. Under that reasoning, we could start thinking that greasy hair equals healthy hair – after all it is given the protection that even the Queen of England wouldn’t be ashamed of. Sadly, this conviction is far from being true. What matters the most in terms of hair, face and body care is BALANCE. Overdoing, no matter if this concerns the care or neglecting it, isn’t a wise thing to do. Indeed, it can be said that greasy hair is gifted with a really powerful shield, but the strands are overburdened due to the seborrhoea, and hair bulbs in particular are the ones which suffer the most. To make a long story short, sebum impedes hair bulb work because nourishing substances have problems with getting into it to supply the bulb with what it needs. Furthermore, excessive sebum production affects hair the same way as flypaper works on flies. This substance attracts dirt and any other possible kind of impurities that damage hair and disturb proper skin functioning. As a result, hair is getting weaker form the roots, and looks really bad.

Why shampoos targeting greasy hair problem don’t usually work?

For many years people were convinced that a shampoo had to make scalp overdried so as to help hair stay clean and fresh longer. This is one of the most illogical convictions that you have the opportunity to hear. Force causes resistance and ‘suffocating’ and depriving hair of sebum makes it produce it even more. The vicious circle is on. If you’re seriously thinking about restoring the lost balance to hair – act wisely and never turn to invasive and aggressive care.

Rescue for greasy hair – Does it work?

Here is the list of cosmetics (both the homemade and bought in a shop) that can help you deal with greasy hair and bring back the balance to your scalp.

1. Homemade greasy hair shampoo

The base ingredient of your cosmetic can be any delicate shampoo bought in a drugstore. I go for a baby shampoo – it’s suitable even for sensitive scalp and lathers well. Mix it with a teaspoon of mint tea and a half teaspoon of powdered clay (when you scalp is exceptionally sensitive, go for white clay because it’s gentle). Add a few drops of essential oil – e.g. mint, of refreshing action. Massage the shampoo into hair and scalp, leave for 2-3minutes and rinse thoroughly.

2. Home nettle and lemon hair wash for greasy hair

Nettle infusion doesn’t only help regulate work of sebaceous glands and slow down sebum production but also strengthens bulbs and hair on its entire length. Nettle is a treasure trove of vitamins and microelements, therefore it’s perfect for being used as a hair conditioner displaying a very strong action. Infuse dry nettle (try to obtain 1 litre of it), add tablespoon of lemon juice (it acidifies the scalp and restores the right pH level) and pour it onto your hair after washing (to be more precise, after the last rinse). Rub the hair wash into the scalp by doing massage. After a month you are going to notice that if applied 2-3 times a week, the hair wash slows down sebum production.

3. Nanoil hair oil for low porosity hair

I’m sure I surprised you a little bit, didn’t I? After all, why would you use oil to combat oil?! It turns out that there is no better solution to deal with seborrhoea than oil hair treatment 🙂 The molecules of natural oils collect the molecules of sebum form your scalp and hair. However, the key is the proper oil selection. In most cases, greasy hair has low porosity (this is my case as well), therefore this oil serves me well. Right after oiling (caution: remember to rinse the oil from your hair thoroughly!) my hair is soft, light, full of volume, shiny and neat. I find it lifted at roots, the scalp is clean and conditioned. I use Nanoil regularly, once a week (although when the hair is greasy, the oiling can be carried out even more often). The quantity of the oil is really efficient. I’ve been having Nanoil for 4 months now and it I don’t think I’m running out of it. In general, I recommend using natural oils for everybody who wants to make their hair beautiful and healthy. After all, natural oils offer a truly outstanding treatment not only for greasy strands.

4. Yves Rocher scalp scrub

Scalp scrub is a secret of clean and fresh hair. Naturally, you can apply it at home, but I think that each type of DIY scrubs displays too high abrasibility and for some reason I was always afraid that it would harm my hair at the roots. Therefore, I decided to trust the experts and I bought Yves Rocher scalp scrub that is made from safe ingredients, with neither parabens nor silicones. Moreover, it features very delicate abrasive particles (almost insensible) that are perfect for cleansing scalp and hair at its roots.

Additional plus of scalp scrub is that it helps get rid of lingering cosmetic residues and it facilitates absorption of nourishing substances (e.g. from an oil or hair wash). Regularly performed peeling won’t also allow keratin to build-in. After all, its excess may lead to increased hair brittleness problem.

This is my Fantastic Four when it comes to fighting the greasy hair problem. Apart from them, I use delicate shampoos and mousse hair conditioners, which are products that don’t leave hair overburdened. Do you have your own cool and reliable methods for dealing with greasy hair? Tell me! <3 Have a great day!

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