Nanoil Algae Hair Mask: The healthiest diet for my hair!

nanoil algea hair mask

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I won’t occupy much of your time today so let me get straight into the point, okay? I’ll try to be specific because I’m going to describe you the on-point effects that a new hair care product has been producing on my hair for some time now (a month, I guess). Looking for some hair regeneration? Good because I’m happy to present you Nanoil Algae Hair Mask – a real beaut!

As I can see, this Nanoil hair mask is constantly gaining in popularity and sells like hot cakes. Do you know why?

Marine marvel for my hair from Nanoil Algae Hair Mask 

Damaged hair? Perhaps you should put sea into perspective? Marine algae that lives in sea belongs to superfood, which means that it offers us sheer nutrient abundance. Somebody wise thought that since algae have so many precious elements then they must be also able to improve hair. Therefore, instead of just implementing it into a diet to nourish our body, algae was also added to a hair care product. And this person was right! Hair loves the power of algae and all the micro-elements that this aquatic plant contains. How do algae affect hair? Well, it was proven that when added to a cosmetic, algae fortify hair structure, deliver hydration, nourish and revitalize hair.

Ingredients that will knock your socks off

Naturally, there are more ingredients used in Nanoil Algae Hair Mask than just the algae. Actually, the remaining constituents are pretty impressive as well. Just look!

  • PANTHENOL – indeed, it’s just great at improving hair since it revitalizes, boost shine, smooths out and makes hair visibly stronger.
  • GLYCERIN – it boosts effectiveness of the remaining ingredients used in the mask, prevents frizz, moisture loss and protein overload. Apart from that, glycerin makes sure that your hair is in a good shape.

How do algae affect hair?

I’ll tell you what algae manage to do with my hair within a month:

  • Strands are well-hydrated and are no longer affected by frizz.
  • Since this hair mask is almost weightless, it doesn’t leave my hair overburdened. This means that those of you who have fine hair can safely use Nanoil Algae Hair Mask.
  • My hair roots are now lifted, I can see that hair volume has improved. No more flat hair! Yeah!
  • The shine boost is mind-blowing! (This effect is owed to panthenol and glycerin.)
  • I find no difficulties with styling my hair. I keep touching the strands because they feel so nice and soft.
  • Eh… <3 I just like my hair now. It looks is if it was exposed to some hair vitamin treatment. Its clear to see that now the hair is nourished, the cuticles are smoothed out which in fact prevents damage.

How do I apply Nanoil Algae Hair Mask?

I have to tell you that my hair has never been super damaged, but I saw it getting dehydrated at ear level downwards. I was afraid that if I hadn’t reacted fast, I would have had to ask a hairdresser to cut it. That was when I decided to get my hair some revitalizing and nourishing treatment. With algae it was like scoring a bull’s-eye.

For the first two weeks I kept applying the hair mask more or less every third day. Now, when my hair looks better, I reduced the frequency to a weekly application. I always spread the mask over clean hair, let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse. Actually, I also use some argan oil, which in fact also belongs to Nanoil series, just to protect my hair ends. I use no more than four drops that I spread only over wet hair ends. The effect is superb.

Comments and availability of Nanoil Algae Hair Mask

If you can’t wait to give this hair mask a try, go to I bought a few hair masks but I’m using just Algae Hair Mask now because I want to give you an objective review of this particular algae mask. For some unknown reason I just feel that Algae Hair Mask by Nanoil will be my favorite mask. Actually, it’s not only me because I saw many positive reviews of Nanoil hair masks written by other girls and bloggers. This is some kind of algae madness 🙂 Have you used any Nanoil hair mask? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment with your thoughts below.

Right… it was supposed to be a short post but of course I wrote at length. Actually, I could give you even more info about Nanoil Algae Hair Mask but I guess it’d be better if I stop now. If you’re still curious, please visit the official Nanoil website. Ciao!

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