How does Nanobrow serum work? Briefly on how I get rid of over-plucked brows!

How much are you willing to do to get your dream eyebrows? Applying castor oil, threading, daily eyebrow makeup application, this costly permanent makeup done… Neither have I money nor time for such things, therefore I turned to an eyebrow serum. Did Nanobrow managed to solve all my problems with eyebrows? Find out! πŸ˜‰

Where did the idea of buying an eyebrow serum come from? I used to apply various kinds of eyelash serums that displayed similar properties so I know that a high quality product can be truly efficient. After all, many of them are also recommended to be used on brows too.

So one day I decided to test how eyebrow serums work because I’d noticed that my brows resembled something really disgusting. I was wondering why they’d started falling out and thinning so quickly… and I learned that…

The most common causes of uncontrolled brow thinning:

  • excessive and long term stress
  • application of hard-to-remove brow tints
  • adverse hormonal fluctuations
  • various kinds of diseases
  • too vigorous brow rubbing during makeup removal
  • use of brow cosmetics that are past their best before date
  • unprofessional brow shaping

… and many, many more that most of which you aren’t even aware of because, as plenty of women say: “eyebrows are indestructible and you don’t have to take care of them.” Nonsense! An eyebrow serum is a beauty product that your brows need.

Why is using eyebrow serum beneficial?

Firstly, because these tiny hairs growing on the brow ridge don’t have an easy access to a source of nutrients. In most cases, the nourishing substances that we delivered to our body with food aren’t enough even for hair that grows on our head, but there are also lashes and brows that need support, right?

These shortages of nourishing substances – that makes brow hairs fall out, become thin and fair – can be easily delivered to the body with an eyelash serum. So what is the reason for not using such enhancers? To me, a good eyebrow serum (or booster as some use to call such products) is able to bring about the inner beauty of brows so this significantly increase the probability of us being no longer in need to use brown brow pencil.

Which eyebrow serum do I recommend?

You know that I’m not a big fan of testing hundreds of products… I’d rather go for something that is said to be proven, therefore, before I got an eyebrow serum, I’d read some reviews first. I learned that girls recommend Nanobrow – so I bought one for myself πŸ˜‰

And Nanobrow eyebrow serum is a great example that it’s possible to create a beauty product with a really good composition (so it doesn’t do any harm to skin by falsely claiming to be a beautifying product only) that effectively nourishes, moisturizes, thickens and reinforces eyebrows.

To me, this is the end of thin eyebrows. Can it also apply to you? Of course, it can!

Nanobrow eyebrow serum

Have you ever used Nanolash? This is an eyelash serum that I recommend to you in one of my reviews (and I still do!). You remember? Great! Nanobrow looks almost alike but the composition and applicator differ.

  • APPLICATOR – soft fluff that picks up the adequate portion of serum and allows you to easily apply it to the brow ridge by being of the right shape and arranged diagonally.
  • COMPOSITION – is based on safe nourishing and moisturizing substances (panthenol, arginine, glycerin) as well as brow growth accelerating substances (including Baikal skullcap, ginseng, soy sprout and wheat sprout extracts); no alcohol, no silicones, no synthetic colorants or aromas.


Everyone will definitely know how to handle using this eyebrow serum. I’m serious. Nanobrow comes with a cool applicator that needs to be glided on eyebrows: starting from nose moving it towards the left/right side of the face. Then the applicator has to be put into the tube to pick up another portion of serum and repeat this banal process. That’s all πŸ˜‰

How does Nanobrow work? Effects

Now it’s time for what’s the most important. What did I achieve by using Nanobrow? Do I find this eyebrow serum worth its price? Would I recommend it?

My brows used to be… a disaster. I had to put a lot of effort to enhance them with a pencil and achieve the natural look. It was hardly possible to do it the right way and to camouflage gaps in my brow ridge. I used to have really thin and sparse brows mostly because they were brittle and lightened up by the sun. To make it even worse, I spotted some of the brows clinging to a cotton pad soaked with micellar lotion when I was doing makeup removal. Poor me ;-(

But now… now it’s different! My eyebrows treated with Nanobrow are thicker, darker and simply stunning! <3 I remember myself not setting the bar high when it comes to the final effects. I approached this issue rather skeptically and I was so surprised because after a week I had this impression that my brows got darker and more shiny. It was getting even better day by day. The brows were becoming thicker and I could notice more of them appearing on my brow ridge. Nowadays I barely remember the blemishing gaps that my brows used to have.

Today, it’s remarkably easier to shape and apply makeup to my eyebrows. Sometimes it literally doesn’t take even a second because they are so neat that I don’t have to do makeup at all! Tell me whether you too decided to use Nanobrow.

Kisses πŸ˜‰

20 Comments “How does Nanobrow serum work? Briefly on how I get rid of over-plucked brows!”

  1. fit Callie

    You’re yet another blogger that I follow to recommend Nanobrow. Not sure if that’s some ploy or it’s really this good πŸ˜›

  2. Mademoiselle

    NANOBROW WORKS BEST <3 No point in writting too much… you just need to try and feel it πŸ™‚

  3. mrs.pumpkin

    I would add permanent make-up as one of the reasons for eyebrow loss

  4. Suzie W.

    Great post! Equally great product!

  5. Pattie Patrice

    Can’t imagine my life without eyebrow serum. I never want to go back to my old aweful brows so I use serum daily. Its very efficent so the cost is reasonable.

  6. chill

    You mention extracts. Some details?

    • Chocolate Queen

      @chill According to inci on the page there are extracts from ginseng, Baical skullcap, soy germ, wheat germ and I think that’s it but there are also vitamins and such.

      • Irine 33

        I’m blown away by this composition. I suspect that its action is awesome too πŸ™‚

  7. Honey

    My birthday’s soon and I know excatly what I get myself!! πŸ˜›

  8. Blooming Flower

    I once used Xbrow but effect was meh. Now I use Nanobrow and wow, no comparison. My brows love this serum. <3

  9. Agnes Morgan

    It’s true that we do not have time for complex and timeconsuming beauty routine. I too have Nanobrow and works so good and application takes few seconds, it’s amazing! <3

  10. Denny Crapes

    Eylash serum works too, honest! <3 Though it was tiresome to me to do whole brows with such a small brush.

  11. JustMe

    my brows started to rebel after hormonal treatment and only thanks to Nanobrow they grew back and are even prettier than before.

  12. Anonymous

    after nanobrow I have too much hairs! my beautician had to take care of them and pluck a bit to shape them and now it’s a pleasure to look into the mirror. serum is efficent, works awesome, must have!

  13. ME

    Which drugstore sells it?

  14. Viola Gilbert

    i like castor oil… For brows not so much but perfect for hair!

  15. AnnaMichels38

    Nanobrow is the best eyebrow serum, it has plenty of good opinions I checked so many websites and there’s no doubt about its effectivness.

  16. Pretty

    I too recommend Nanobrow, used it once and it lasted for many months, my brows are still beautiful, now I recommended it to my friend and can easily do same for all women <3

  17. Kitty

    Great review, helps make a decision as to whether buy or not. No doubt that nanobrow works! Regards!

  18. Maddie W

    It is true that you don’t need any make-up for brows after treatment with Nanobrow. Perfect serum, there’s no better guys!


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