Let’s Do Away with Pigmentation Spots in Winter. Beauty RX Dr. Schulz Triple Vitamin C



Winter is the best time for removing pigmentation spots, erasing wrinkles and intensive skin exfoliation. It’s the time when you should go for products with brightening ingredients and exfoliating acids. Vitamin C gives good effects, too. You’ll find it in Beauty RX Dr. Schulz Triple Vitamin C. What are the product’s benefits? Is it going to remove discolorations?

Why do pigmentation spots appear?

The occurrence of pigmentation spots is connected with lots of factors. These dark blemishes are usually caused by the wrong hormone function, too long sunbathes, some pharmaceuticals, disturbed level of the skin-tone pigment. Acne, various wounds and damaged epidermis may leave discolorations, too. If you don’t heal them early enough or don’t hide them from the sunlight, the spots get darker and harder to eliminate.

How to get rid of discolorations?

There are lots of beauty products and pharmaceuticals that brighten the pigmentation spots. Even vitamin C – included in Beauty RX Dr. Schulz Triple – works in this way. The product rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles and reduces first signs of aging. It leaves the skin smooth, hydrated and supple. Under-eye discolorations and dark circles are less visible.

How to use Beauty RX Dr. Schulz Triple Vitamin C?

The product has a lightweight, non-overburdening formula so it’s easy to apply and fast-absorbing. It brings the best results when you apply it for the night, to clean, dry facial skin, avoiding the eye area. If any irritation occurs, stop the treatment and see the doctor. Glycerol and Hyaluronic Acid intensify the action of vitamin C, moisturising and protecting skin from damage.

Girls, have you ever tried Beauty RX Dr. Schulz Triple Vitamin C? 

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