3 THINGS you should do to feel and look good in the summer

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Unfettered sun rays and warm summer breeze are two things that charge me positively in the holiday season. Every day care can also put you in a good mood and make you feel good in your skin 😉

I’m going to reveal my three secret ways for feeling good in the summer. I’ve developed a few habits which help me enjoy the sun instead of moaning on the intense and tremendous heat. If you prepare to the summer season well, you can feel fresh and beautiful no matter the situation.

You just need to introduce the following three easy rules into your life – give them a go!

Uncover your face!

Reserve a heavy foundation, strong make-up and tones of lip-gloss for the winter, when your skin will make a good use of additional protection against low temperatures. I know that in the summer it is way better and beneficial to beautify your face with a natural-looking make-up. Your skin will be grateful for that! You’ll feel fresh when a delicate drift of breeze skims over your uncovered face. In the summer, the most important cosmetic is UV filter, and if you have problems with skin imperfections, reach for a light BB cream. Make-up that runs down your face isn’t a satisfactory solution and, believe me, you can do without it.

Feel the wind in your hair!

My hairdo during the summer? Of course beach waves! Trust me, summer isn’t the best time for a flat iron, rollers and styling brushes. First and foremost, do you best to provide the hair with protection against the damaging solar radiation. Coat it with a sea salt hair spray to gift it with a beachy look. Give your hair time to rest, don’t use a blow-dryer and let it be air-dried. Just tie a few wisps that are near your face – set a bun on the top of your head or plait a braid. I guarantee, you will feel better with this messy, combed with wind hairdo.

Brighten yourself with a mist!

Another issue to discuss are the fragrances. Resign from using all the heavy and sweet perfumes unless you want to attracts insects. No perfumes are able to provide us with the freshness we lack throughout a summer day. When it’s getting hot outside, I suggest reaching for a light fragranced mist. We can spray our body and face with this light product and tuck you under the delicate aroma. Additionally, you will feel a pleasant invigoration. The great asset of a mist is that we can carry it anywhere we go and use throughout a day.

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