Why do I find applying petroleum to my strands as my fav hair care treatment?


Hello Girls!

My today’s entry is devoted to my favourite way of treating hair. I find it really great, especially for people having dry and damaged strands. If you experience the same problem, give applying petroleum a go. You will be surprised!

Who can use petroleum?

It’s recommended for all the people whose hair is very dry and damaged by frequent dying and heat styling. Cosmetic petroleum will also serve right all girls whose hair is deprived of natural shine. However, you need to be cautious while performing the treatment. If you don’t follow the instructions I’m going to talk about in a while, you can cause a lot of harm to your hair. How to apply cosmetic petroleum to hair the right way?

Applying cosmetic petroleum to hair – Step by Step

In order to perform the treatment, you’ll need: cosmetic petroleum, your favourite hair conditioner, cosmetic oil (for example, castor oil), a towel and regular food foil. Mix three teaspoons of conditioner with two teaspoons of cosmetic petroleum and a few drops of oil. Apply the mixture to your hair before washing; don’t put it onto your scalp because this can lead to excessive production of sebum. Wrap the strands with foil and a towel. Next, keep warming this up with a blow-dryer for two minutes. After more or less 20 minutes wash our head with a shampoo.

Applying cosmetic petroleum to hair – Effects

This treatment moisturises dry strands, protects hair ends against splitting as well as reduces frizz and static. Moreover, it gifts matte strands with gloss, smooths unruly wisps and makes hair more manageable. Basically, thanks to cosmetic petroleum, it will be easier for you to comb and style the hair. Besides, the product protects hair against the action of free radicals, solar radiation, high temperature and some destructive agents present in styling or colouring products. What cosmetic petroleum does is creating a protective layer around hair.

Have you ever treated your hair with cosmetic petroleum? If yes, please tell me what are your feelings connected with the procedure and how your hair looked after the treatment.

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