How to get younger and more beautiful skin? SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum



Discolorations, dull complexion, wrinkles, dark circles under eyes… All of these skin imperfections aren’t beloved by girls, that’s obvious. Fortunately, we can remove them or highlight to significantly reduce their visibility. How to do it? It’s enough to use, just as I, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum.

How does SkinCeuticals work?

It’s recommended to dry, normal and sensitive skin featuring discolorations and signs of ageing. It’s task is to protect skin from free radicals, sun rays and urban pollution. Additionally, this serum features vitamins C and E as well as ferulic acid which are responsible for smoothing fine lines, highlighting discolorations and improving skin condition. Thanks to this cosmetic, skin becomes more supple and its tone becomes even. Skin again looks young and radiant.

How to use SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic?

The serum has to be applied morning and evening to cleansed and dried skin of face, neck and cleavage. Basically, you have to apply just a few drops of the cosmetic and then massage them precisely into skin. Of course, the pipette included into the packaging facilitates this procedure. What’s important, before doing make-up, face has to be protected with a sunscreen. Why is it so crucial? Ferulic acid might cause irritations when exposed to the sunlight. When it comes to the capacity, a bottle of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic holds 30 ml of the cosmetic which lasts really long, believe me. This efficiency of the treatment is also due to dense formula of the serum.

How do SkinCeuticals ingredients work?

Ascorbic acid constitutes 15% of the entire cosmetics’ composition. It has anti-oxidative action, which means that it combats free radicals responsible for skin ageing. Moreover, it protects skin from oxidative stress as well as provide skin with healthy and youthful appearance. Vitamin E (in the form of tocopherol) makes 1% of SkinCeuticals’ composition. Its mission is to delay skin ageing and counteract premature signs of this process. Also, 0,5% of the serum’s composition is made of ferulic acid. Task of this substance is to smooth fine lines and light discolorations up.

What are your methods of removing discolorations and wrinkles?

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