How to give your face a radiant look? Use C-VIT cosmetics from Sesderma!



After summer, your body can be covered with after-sun pigmentation marks and moles, while in the winter it becomes dull and lacks natural shine. What is more, roughly after 30 years of age, some fine lines might start appearing. Is there anything we could do? Yes, but under one condition. You must include C-VIT cosmetics from Sesderma in your daily beauty routines.

A single cosmetic or Sesderma set

What will be more beneficial? One cosmetic from the C-VIT series or the entire set of Sesderma products? The decision is up to you. However, from my own experience, I know that a range of cosmetics used during the treatment will bring much better results than one. Moreover, you can select cosmetics accordingly to your needs and create the perfect kit for yourself. For instance, you can go ahead and combine liposome serum with a highlighting cream to ensure proper day and night care. Use a moisturising cream and under eye pads only when you want to take care of this part of your face. You might as well choose an under eye cream and intensive serum for complex skin care. Sesderma brand also offers two sets of products from the C-VIT series: moisturising face cream (50ml) + serum (30ml) and an Azelac RU gel-cream (50ml) + C-VIT serum (30ml).

How do the C-VIT cosmetics work?

The products from Sesderma are designed for people who struggle with wrinkles, hyperpigmentations, and dry skin that lacks natural glow. The components included in the cosmetics destroy free radicals that contribute to the skin ageing processes. Additionally, they brighten up discolouration, add natural radiance to the skin; in return, the face appears healthier and younger-looking. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, firms and smooths the complexion and at the same time, it inhibits the production of melanin – a compound that is responsible for skin colour and appearance of pigmentation spots.

How to use Sesderma cosmetics?

They can be applied to a cleansed and towelled-dry face, day and night. All you need is a pea-sized amount of the cosmetic to fully take care of the skin. During the application, it would be best to massage the skin gently. This will improve the absorption of the nutrients, firm the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Do you know Sesderma cosmetics? What do you think of the C-VIT series? Share your experience with me! 

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