How to store fragrances? My proven ticks!


Hello girls! Today I’m going to tell you how I store my fragrances. Since I have a fairly substantial number of phials, I had to organise a special place for all of them. Let me invite you to my fragrance world. Take a deep sniff and continue reading! If you have a massive collection of […]

How I’ve Cured Acne? Skin Care, Diet & Products


Hi, girls! Finally, my skin is smooth, healthy, beautiful and free from even tiniest pimples. How did I make it? I’ll write about all methods I used for fighting acne. You might want to make use of my experience. Enjoy! How to Deal with Acne-Prone Skin? Most of all, be gentle. Acne-prone skin hates scrubbing, […]

Herbal vs chemical hair dyes


Hello girls! Lately into my lap has dropped a herbal dye. Naturally, I immediately decided to test it and compare with regular dyes which I had used before. You know what? The effects of colouring were really amazing! If you would like to learn how herbal hair dyes pass the exam, continue reading my newest […]

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