Perfect skin? It’s simple! 8 proven tricks

cucumber scrub

Hello Girls,

treat today’s post as a kind of a cosmetic crib which, I hope, will help you before a big night-out and will deal with all your problems with complexion.

  1. I guess you’ve already heard about this. However, if you haven’t introduced this element into your daily care then do it. Namely, water is the best cosmetic. Hydrated organism works like a well-oiled machine ;
  2. If you are running out of a peeling and you need to cleanse the face skin – reach for sugar. Just 2 teaspoons mixed with a few dashes of water are enough. Apply the mixture to the face and delicately massage the skin. Dead epidermis cells will disappear in a flashlight!
  3. Cucumber is perfect for highlighting face. Just grate a fresh cucumber, mix it with a little bit of flour and apply the pulp onto your face. Let it sit 30 minutes and rinse afterwards.
  4. Lemon removes discolorations and restores the proper skin acidity. Once a day, wipe your face with lemon juice or apply lemon flesh twice a week.
  5. Toothpaste for acne. This cosmetic dries up skin effectively therefore, when you discover an acne in the evening, and you don’t have any topical preparation, you can try to cover the spot with a little bit of a toothpaste. This product is supposed to dry out the acne overnight. In the morning, remove the paste together with the acne that should cling to it.
  6. Honey for chapped lips. If your lips start becoming dehydrated, and when you don’t have any lip balm – use honey. It will coat the lips with a delicate, colourless layer and will work as the best lip gloss. Your kisses will be sweet as never before 😉
  7. Cream in a form of a face mask – before a big night-out, it’s advisable to water your skin so as to make it look fresh and help it regain its lost elasticity. A good solution is to apply a thick layer of a cream and let it sit 15-20 minutes. This kind of a treatment will deliver a similar action as a face mask’s, and additionally it will prepare your skin for the upcoming make-up. Also, your skin will become amazingly smooth. You don’t have to reach for expensive and exclusive creams – you can use a delicate and dense baby cream.
  8. Hairdresser’s look will be provided to our hair thanks to natural oils – two drops of macadamia oil, avocado oil or argan oil applied to the hair ends will act as the best serum. Natural oils smooth and add shine to the strands. Also, oils will take care of cuticles, fingernails, under eye skin area as well as help with shaping eyebrows.

Did I manage to help you? I hope, I did 😉 Have a nice day!

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