How I Cleanse My Facial Skin – Tried & Tested Methods


Blackheads, comedones, pimples… one of many blemishes bothering lots of women. Luckily, there is an easy way for getting rid of them and enjoying a pretty, healthy and radiant skin. Let me reveal my facial skin cleansing methods. Enjoy reading! RETINOIDS These are vitamin A derivatives. Retinoids speed up the epidermis exfoliation, brighten pigmentation spots […]

What Beauty Mistakes Should You Avoid in Skin Care?


How are you doing, girls? Today, we’re focusing on our beauty sins. Sadly, some of us still commit them. There are different reasons: laziness, lacking knowledge on the right care, no access to professional products. If you’re also guilty of the beauty crimes, read on! you’ll see what a proper skin care looks like. COMBINATION […]

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