The most common symptoms of acne. My remedies for acne


Acne is a problem that can affect both teenagers and adults. It is difficult to deal with it, but it is possible with appropriate treatment and a bit of patience. I say treatment because acne is considered a disease, and not just an aesthetic defect. For this reason, you should see a dermatologist in the first place. […]

Homemade face masks – the best recipes for sheet masks


Hello Girls!  Do you like sheet masks?  I looove them and I am not surprised that they are so valued by Korean women whose complexions are always flawless. I know that they could apply them every single day as a part of their skin care beauty rituals. To be honest, I don’t always have time […]

My remedies for blackheads and blemishes


Acne-prone skin is no longer considered a condition typical for teens. Regardless of the age, abnormal work of sebaceous glands contributes to the formation of blackheads and red blemishes. Most of them occur within the so-called T-zone, i.e. around the forehead, nose, and chin, but acne lesions can also appear on the back and neck. Stress and […]

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