How I Cleanse My Facial Skin – Tried & Tested Methods


Blackheads, comedones, pimples… one of many blemishes bothering lots of women. Luckily, there is an easy way for getting rid of them and enjoying a pretty, healthy and radiant skin. Let me reveal my facial skin cleansing methods. Enjoy reading! RETINOIDS These are vitamin A derivatives. Retinoids speed up the epidermis exfoliation, brighten pigmentation spots […]

How I’ve Cured Acne? Skin Care, Diet & Products


Hi, girls! Finally, my skin is smooth, healthy, beautiful and free from even tiniest pimples. How did I make it? I’ll write about all methods I used for fighting acne. You might want to make use of my experience. Enjoy! How to Deal with Acne-Prone Skin? Most of all, be gentle. Acne-prone skin hates scrubbing, […]

The most common symptoms of acne. My remedies for acne


Acne is a problem that can affect both teenagers and adults. It is difficult to deal with it, but it is possible with appropriate treatment and a bit of patience. I say treatment because acne is considered a disease, and not just an aesthetic defect. For this reason, you should see a dermatologist in the first place. […]

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